Legal Network

"Alone we can do so little, together we
can do so much"

Helen Keller

Legal Network for the South African Legal Fraternity

A Network to Promote Collaboration Between Attorneys, Advocates, Legal Cost Consultants, Legal Software and Other Legal Services, Saving Time, Money and Drive Success

About Legal Network

This network is exclusively designed to assist the single practitioner, newly admitted Advocate, small to medium size firms, cost consultants and legal software specialists to network with one another and to collaborate on providing service excellence to colleagues and clients.

By joining this network, you will form part of a team who supports one another, nationally.  

You will be able to look up a colleague to provide you with correspondent service at a set fee, to exclude correspondent fee account surprises. These fees will then be expensed to the client.  You will also be able to look up Advocates, Cost Consultants and Software Solutions. 

Newly admitted Advocates who join, will be featured and will have the advantage of network members briefing them for appearances such as unopposed motions, divorces, postponements and the like.  By joining, you will be able to grow your practice and become known amongst the Attorney network.  We believe that Advocates of Colour, especially females, do not get enough exposure and want to encourage our network to brief these members in particular.